"They make a reliably good product and stand by their work. That is essential because your foot is always changing. They are personable, work well with the therapists and value my input."

 ~ Bonnie Kandel, Physical Therapist,
Step-By-Step Pediatric Physical Therapy


 "Cindy has worked with our daughter since infancy and we pay out-of-network fees because she is so excellent! Her compassion, patience, and expertise make her perfect for working with children in this profession. Luke and Mark are wonderful too and as a team they provide comfort and continuity. The service you receive is excellent and I would never want to try another orthotics provider!"

~Laurie Blankenship, Parent


 "For many years your staff has provided superb service to our son."

 ~ Phyllis Moran, Parent


"Orthotic Solutions was the only company able to fit our son with his orthoses and do it right the first time. Orthotic Solutions is the only place to come!"

 ~ Susan Harrison, Parent


Dear Terry,

"It will soon be two months since I picked up the AFO's you made for me. I've worn them every day from dawn to bedtime and have had absolutely no discomfort. A perfect fit . . . the first time. Remarkable, and very much appreciated.

In addition to my fairly active daily routine, I have added 15 minutes on the treadmill to my 3 X-/week workout at a local Nautilus facility. I was too wobbly with the old AFO's to use the treadmill comfortably.

You're a real pro and I consider myself very fortunate to have been directed to you. I look forward to a long association with you and OS."

Kindest regards,

~ Jack Veatch, Patient


"Orthotic Solutions is the best in the area. When I refer a patient to them, I have every confidence that their work is excellent and the follow-up care is outstanding!"

~ Dr. Jeffrey Hanway, Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon