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Our goal is to help children with Cerebral Palsy and other neurological impairments to gain access to an upright environment that will increase their activity and participation in Life!

The TAOS is a combination of an Orthosis and a mobility base. These two components work together to provide your CP child the ability to flourish in an upright hands free environment. The orthosis ensures your child’s legs and torso are kept in proper alignment so his muscles can be trained to work in the manner in which they were intended. The base supports your child in a standing position enabling him to safely explore his environment to the best of his abilities. Many CP children are able to take steps independently for the first time when utilizing the TAOS.

Unlike a traditional walker, stander or gait trainer, the TAOS ensures that your child is in proper alignment while bearing weight. This is important as prolonged weight bearing in poor alignment can lead to damage to joints because of unnatural loading.

We hope the TAOS can serve as a tool to give your child a new sense of freedom and accomplishment at home, therapy and other activities. For further information on the Taos Walker please visit www.taos1.com.

Here are some pictures of the TAOS Walker in action.

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